Afro-Caribbean Sci-Fi and Fantasy Artist Paul Lewin

Afro-Caribbean Sci-Fi and Fantasy Artist Paul Lewin

Paul Lewin, born in Kingston, Jamaica has always reflected his interest in storytelling, Jamiaca and sci-fi and fantasy art. All of this is refelcted in his work and painting.

Today my art is inspired by Afro Caribbean/ African folklore, nature and sci-fi. I’m primarily focused on storytelling; a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, dating back to ancient Africa. My intent is to create alternate worlds, with various elements of African and Afro Caribbean culture. The subjects in my work represent the ancestors. Ancient ancestors, futuristic ancestors, interdimensional ancestors, and all the other beings that inhabit the spirit world. My creative process involves meditating on these concepts and allowing space for whatever comes up. I’ve always loved the theory of the artist as a conduit, transcribing visions onto a canvas. Or photographing dreams. I try to let each piece evolve on it’s own and not interfere too much. I’m not always sure of the meaning behind each painting, but I’m also not too concerned about that either. I’m more into the actual process of creating. I love getting lost in the details and watching an image come together from start to finish. One of my favorite memories as a kid was running home after school everyday to lock myself in my room for hours just drawing and creating. Not much has changed. 

Paul Lewin
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