Graphic artist Jeff Manning,  Inspired by the music he listens to Jeff Manning often creates cover art from graphic elements to represent the feeling behind the music.

My interest in Graphic Design all started in late 2009. While in the 11th grade, I was offered an opportunity to take a Graphic Design / Advertising class. I did not hesitate to respond “Yes” to that offer, and I started taking Graphic Design classes immediately after. In late 2010 – early 2011, I ended up purchasing the Adobe Creative Suite programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign), and started practicing and studying the different elements of design on my own during a lot of my free time.

About a year later (June 2012), I came to the conclusion that my design skills were much improved, and came to the realization that Graphic Design was something that I wanted turn into my profession. As a child, I was always amazed whenever I saw a greatly designed album cover, piece of clothing, advertisement, etc. When I saw those designs, I would always say to myself “Wow…, How can I do something like that”?

My goal with graphic design is to create art that will be talked about for many more generations to come. I plan to collaborate with many other talented artists of all kinds such as: Graphic Designers (of course lol), Musicians, Photographers, Videographers, etc. (The list goes on……). I also want my work to be in different places and venues all over the world. 

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