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The General

Photo essay by Mary Beth Koeth. Around the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya, a 92-year-old man named Japhlet Thambu has a tea farm. I had the opportunity to visit his…..

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Kenya Chords / Pogomix by Nick Bertke

Nick Bertke, aka Pogo from Perth, Australia  is one of a kind musicians whose artistry has many dimensions. Carefully taking sounds recorded on video he mixes them in a unique way to make…..

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Silent Lives of Kenyan Domestic Workers

Madagascan photographer Guillaume Bonn explores the intimate relationship between Kenyan domestic workers and their employees. “Employers know very little about their servants’ lives, their families, their dreams and hopes. Their…..

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Tea Culture [FR/ENG]

Photographer Patrick Galibert photo essay documents the culture and life behind the production of tea in Kenya. His photographers documents the daily lives of tea cultivators. La cueillette du Thé……

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Journey through Southern and Eastern Africa

Photographer Dillon Marsh chronicles his journey through Southern and Eastern Africa. Marsh travelled from Nairobi to Cape Town over the course of two months using only public transportation. An Umbrella…..

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Barbara Muriungi Updates Reel [Video]

Quick personal update: alongside writing on African Digital Art, I keep busy with my day job as a Designer and Animator. Having just updated my reel with work from the last…..

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Interview with Just-a-Band on Kenyan Animation and Music

Just a Band is a self proclaimed house/funk/disco band who are on the brink of releasing their sophomore album 82. Their debut album Scratch to Reveal, released in 2008 received critical acclaim. Due to their spanking new sound and fusion of various digital elements Just A Band could be considered as pioneers of digital sound and animation in East Africa.In honor of their new upcoming album we posted this iinterview with our fellow Digital African, Afromusing. (We recommend that you check out her blog). Just a Band reveal their inspiration, creative process and future projects. Enjoy.