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Bisi Silva, Center for Contemporary Art in Lagos

Ten years ago, most African curators and artists were going to Europe or America to see what was happening. There is now more of an imperative to engage within the continent,…..

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African Book Covers

Another African tumblr treasure. This tumblr archives african book cover design. There are some gems of inspiration.

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The Future Weird

The Future Weird is a monthly event that examines film that are considered “futuristic/weird”. Check out their tumblr for more information and upcoming events.

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Favorite Nigerian Tumblrs

Contributor: Muse Origins Tumblr is one of the most exciting blog platforms around. You find so many obscure images on there…I even prefer it a lot more to Flickr. Also, you’ll…..

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Perpetuating Creative Acts

I recall my days at art school and the often opposing camps of fine art students versus design students. The latter thought that the former had an easy ride, essentially…..

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Going Solo By Studio Botes [Video]

After a decade of agency experience Cape Town designer Brandt Botes goes at it solo and opens Studio Botes. He created this video “Going Solo” as a contribution for Toffie Festival, but even…..

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African Arenas

BOOKSHELF – Emotional photographs convey Africa’s passion for soccer. The enthusiasm and passion with which soccer is played in Africa are inevitably transferred to the onlooker.

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Create Your Own Jungle Text

This simple tutorial will teach you how to create this 3D jungle text effect using Photoshop and a little Illustrator.  You can create the 3d effect through illustrator and use…..

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Create an Organic Morphing Animation

Hello everyone. It is tutorial Monday, I am going to get you on the right track for the week by introducing this tutorial that I actually completed myself. The end…..