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Vintage Inspiration from Philip Kwame Apagya

Some inspiration from Philip Kwame Apagya a renowned Ghanaian photographer famous for his elaborate studio portraits set against colorful painted backdrops. philip kwame apagya’s formal portraits in front of commissioned…..

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Blue Sky Over Dakar

A mixture of digital paintings and photographers by Nathalie Diserens The photos were taken during my field research in Dakar, Senegal. They focus on the tension that one feels as…..

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Collage art by Alexander Ikhide

Alexander Ikhide is an art student based in Bristol, UK working on his Art Direction, Fine Arts and Painting. His collages are a mixture of different mediums influenced by his…..

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The Art of Alexis Peskine

Alexis Peskine is a Parisien resident whose work is renowned for his work on race and identity issues in France. My art is just an elaborate response to my reflections…..

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Feature Artist: Ivan Forde

We are pleased to feature Guyanese artist Ivan Forde. His work inspires photographers and digital artists in Africa and the diaspora. Forde experiments with digital collage as well as motion…..

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Whimsical African Inspired Gifs

These fanciful animated gifs were created by Melbourne based designer Hilary Faye.  Can’t help but love these collaged gifs.  

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Unknown Tribe

African inspired photo-manipulations by Rafa Zubiria.

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Paris in Niger

Samuel Gondolo juxtaposes scenes from Paris and Niger to illustrate Frances political and colonial influence on Niger in this photo-manipulation project.    

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Here is another great feast for your eyes from non other than Pierre-Christophe. The series of visuals were designed for the ARISE Lagos Fashion Week, although the event was cancelled we…..

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Yoruba African Orishas

Contributor: Muse Origins Orishas are the Yoruba gods of practically evreything. There is one for almost every situation or state of being that you can think of, from the obscure to…..

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Lagos 2180A.D.

We are slightly obsessed with AfroFuturistic projects and this one is no exception. Produced by Brooklyn native, Lekan Jeyifo, the work depicts Lagos in the future. Absolutely brilliant! was hired…..

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Dark Transparency

Beautiful, haunting and dark, take a look at project by photographer Steeve Akingso. Steeve Aukingso is a 24 year old fashion photographer. An ex model, Aukingso developed an early love for fashion…..