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Interview Sherin Guirguis

Egyptian born, US-raised artist Sherin Guirguis’ geometrically patterned paintings and sculptures reflect the Mashrabiya. She talks to Nosmot Gbadamosi about using it as a way to examine the interplay between…..

2 mins read

Zerihun Seyoum: On painting Addis Ababa

In a recent interview on Project Inkblot, Ethiopian Zerihun Seyoum explains his artwork, life as a painter and inspiration.   I’m based in Addis Ababa, though my work could be…..

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On Painting: Lynette Yiadom-Boakye

I give all I can, as I think seduction is very important. I love painting. I love the surface of it. I know how it makes me feel when I…..

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Beatrice Wanjiku

Beatrice Wanjiku is a visual artist from Kenya. She is one of Kenya’s most upcoming contemporary artist. Recognized for her emotional paintings her work is appreciated worldwide. The paintings challenge…..

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Blue Sky Over Dakar

A mixture of digital paintings and photographers by Nathalie Diserens The photos were taken during my field research in Dakar, Senegal. They focus on the tension that one feels as…..

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Life Paintings by Mthetwa

Contributor: Muse Origins In the past we interviewed Zwelethu Mthetwa on his work as a photographer. Mthetwa is also a South African painter  that has gotten mass acclaim in South Africa……

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Digital Paintings by FaTma WaGdi

Fatma Wagdi is a digital painter and artist from Cairo, Egypt. We love her quirky digital portraits and you can most certainly see her personality shine through her digital paintings……

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Digital African Woman

Brazilian digital artist Moises Gomes work was inspired by photographs of women of African tribes. This project was used to develop his techniques of modeling, texture, shading, rendering, lighting and…..

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Saidi Ray’s Women of Swahili

Saidi Ray is a Tanzanian artist that shows his love for his country and his tradition very evidently in his art. He uses mediums like acrylics, watercolours, oils and ink to…..

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Landscape Paintings by Philip Barlow

Philip Barlow, a South African native, creates these wonderful hyper-real blurry and hazy depictions and scenarios of landscapes of daily life. “Although I work within a long tradition of landscape…..

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Feature Artist: Mattahan

We recently discovered these digital paintings by Mattahan. Paul Davey (aka Mattahan) is an illustrator from Manchaster, Jamaica. The name Mattahan is based on the patois pronunciation of Matterhorn, a…..

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Feature Artist: Njideka Akunyili

It is not everyday that we feature analogue projects, but we are pleased to feature Nigerian born mixed media artist Njideka Aukunyili. Her portraits of her daily life are inspirational……

5 mins read

Wide Open Walls: Art in public spaces in Gambia

Wide Open Walls begins a great conversation for public art especially within the continent. When Mary Sibande’s work was showcased in Johannesburg last year on tall canvases hanging over buildings, walls and on bill-boards, it gave the opportunity to give a larger audience viewing to work that they would normally have to go to a gallery or museum to see.

5 mins read

Interview: Concept artist Peter Gikandi

Even a quick glance at concept artist Peter Gikandi’s illustrations and paintings leave an impression on you. His work has transcended the norm and his style fuses strongly with Japanese…..