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Moshanyana (2013) is part of a three film sequence entitled Journey To The Centre of Capricorn directed by Rui Tenreiro, a Mozambican author, illustrator and art director. I felt in love with Moshanyana many times and for…..

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Tunisia Morocco Architecture Inspiration

Architecture photographer by Nic AzAryAn. Inspired by flat shapes Nic showcases various buildings and photography of the streets and buildings of Tunisia and Morocco. So much more goodness here. 

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Bruno Barbey,

Bruno Barbey is a French photographer born in Morocco in 1941. Well known for being a member of Magnum Photo, Barbey photographed across the five continents and was often commissioned…..

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Egyptian Interactive Art: Augmented Reality

I had the pleasure of meeting Egyptian multimedia artist Sameh Al Tawil at the A Maze Johannesburg Festival. Sameh has been showcasing his interactive art project, Augmented Reality around the…..

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3D Kenyan Parliament

3D claymation renders of the Kenyan Parliament building by Kenyan digital artist Bushido Brian.

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Africans in Italy

Portrait series of Immigrants in Italy by Marco Ambrosi, Matteo Danesin and Aldo Sodoma. Portraits in Black is a work born from the collaboration of different actors: three photographers –…..

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The Maghreb

Breathtaking cinemtography of Morocco by Enrique Pacheco. Morocco is a country that awakens in the photographer a desire for adventure. From the green mountains of the northern Rif to the…..

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Africanize Pattern Font

Print and pattern design inspiration by  South African graphic and print designer Carli Herbst. The project brief was to create your own typeface and specimen book, using yourself as a…..

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Fabric Print design by Yaw Tony

Graphic designer Yaw Tony experiments with patterns, textures and fabrics. Llim® (Life Liveth in Me) Fabric, is a line of vibrantly designed fabrics that is reminiscent of the brightly-patterned “Ankara”…..

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African inspired Stromae Design

African inspired project by Brussel based design studio Bold. Over the course of the year, we developed several visuals to promote the release of Stromae’s second album, which goes by the…..