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Joloff Branding & Identity

Designer Saana Hellsten rebranded an existing restaurant for a school assignment in New York that offers traditional Senegalese food. The branding of Joloff reflects the colorful culture and lifestyle of Senegal……

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Africanize Pattern Font

Print and pattern design inspiration by  South African graphic and print designer Carli Herbst. The project brief was to create your own typeface and specimen book, using yourself as a…..

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Farewell Company

Farewell Company is a project created by South African designer Ben Johnston. A great exercise in product design, branding, illustration and graphic design. A one week project from concept to…..

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Dougla: Afro Caribbean Patterns and Textures

Print, texture and pattern inspiration from designer Cherry Ann Davis. Davis is a graphic designer from Trinidad and Tobago. This recent project explores her culture. Dougla is a colloquial term used…..

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Wooden Iphone case by Karo Akpokiere

We have always loved the work of Nigerian graphic designer Karo Akpokiere. He was recently commissioned to design an iPhone case for the World Wildlife Fund. Love Through Design in…..

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Afrika Kicker

The Afrika Kicker project is an attempt to reinvent the traditional charity box. The football recreates a rural african football pitch where donors can play and do not for projects…..

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Woolworths Soap Shop

Package design by Cape Town designer Todd Anderson. We were briefed to create a selection of design and packaging solutions that offered a vast array of variation and style, from…..

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99 Deck- Craft beer packaging

99 Deck, an South-African craft beer packaging project aimed at Cape Town hipsters, designed by Natasha Prinsloo.

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GT Cool Mints Packaging

Grand Touring / Traveller’s Peppermints Concept Packaging. Visualization for limited edition, collectors tin-box packaging featuring the wonderful illustrations and watercolour paintings by Stefan Marjoram. Three colour themes were used and based…..

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Yebo Choir

Yebo Choir visual identity, design and direction: Kristofer Haugvik, Kristian Allen Larsen, Ole Fredrik Ekern and Robert Austnes. Yebo Choir: Was established in April 2010 by Silje Polmar, Inge Norum,…..

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Direct Mail

Direct Mail campaign for The society for design etiquette by graphic design student Wanda Priem. For this project we had to create a direct mail campaign to promote etiquette. I…..

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Nuttall Jam Packaging

Nuttall Jam packaging design by graphic and package design studio MARK. Nuttall is a small, family-run business. Their delicious range of jams and preserves gets sold mostly at farmers’ markets…..

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Devil’s Peak Brewing Company

A recipeint of a Bronze at the 2012 Loeries, take a look at award winning package design by Just Design, illustrations done by Studio Muti. Found via The Dieline The…..

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Noisettes Cover Art

Take a look at the latest cover art for the recently released Noisettes album, Contact. The Noisettes are a top selling British due that often experiment with the lead singer’s…..