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Interview with Ghanian illustrator Kiaski Donkor

“SIGNATURES” is a video series dedicated to promoting and encouraging Ghana’s local and international creatives. In this new episode of “SIGNATURES”, Jason Nicco-Annan interviews. UK-based illustrator Kiaski Donkor to talk…..

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African Pinups

Latest project by Cape Town’s Studio Muti. We created a series of 3 classic pinup posters with an African twist. The artworks were displayed at a group show featuring South…..

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Signatures: Gyimah Gariba

In the very first episode of “SIGNATURES”, animator and illustrator Gyimah Gariba speaks on his early influences, inspirations and aspirations. Having recently earned his Bachelor’s degree in Animation from Sheridan…..

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Feature Artist: Maisa Chaves

This week we are proud to feature the work of Maisa Chaves. Chaves is an illustrator based in Maputo, Mozambique. She received a BA in Fine Art from the University…..

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Digital African Woman

Brazilian digital artist Moises Gomes work was inspired by photographs of women of African tribes. This project was used to develop his techniques of modeling, texture, shading, rendering, lighting and…..

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Yoruba African Orishas

Contributor: Muse Origins Orishas are the Yoruba gods of practically evreything. There is one for almost every situation or state of being that you can think of, from the obscure to…..

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Feature Artist: Mariam Ibrahim

Mariam Ibrahim is an illustrator and graphic designer from Cairo, Egypt. ” I’m very passionate about art. Rendering thoughts into creative solutions come natural to me.I’ve been sketching and doing…..

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Spider Stories

Spider Stories is a pan-African inspired fantasy adventure series that follows a fearless princess who is ousted from her kingdom and a wayward drummer who helps her win back the…..

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T-Rex Sculpture

Take a look at the T-Rex Sculpture by egyptian art director, character designer and exhibition designer, Abed Marzouk.