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Cleaning Beaches through Art

Take a look at a great art recycling project. Ocean Sole is a kenyan organization that uses slippers that wash up on the beaches of Kenya to create toys and…..

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Introducing model Francis Villalva UNO, shot beautifully by photographer Jose Herrera. Enjoy!

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Street Etiquette: Luanda, Angola

A few months ago we got a preview of the journey, fashion and style bloggers Street Etiquette, took to Luanda Angola. What’s there not to love? Be careful you can…..

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MODÈLE ASSINA is a project by photographer Steeve Aukingso, inspired by powerful black women. Steeve Aukingso is a 24 year old fashion photographer. An ex model, Aukingso developed an early love for…..

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Delicate Shades of Africa

VLISCO Delicate Shades was a recent ad campaign for fashion house Vlisco in collaboration with fashion illustrator Sabine Pieper. The campaign feature motion graphics, illustration and colorful African textures and textiles. Enjoy!…..

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Steeve Aukingso

Steeve Aukingso is a 24 year old fashion photographer. An ex model, Aukingso developed an early love for fashion photography blending various elements from illustration and graphic design. His photography…..

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Mozambique Fashion Week

For your inspiration we found this awesome ad campaign done by DDB, Maputo, Mozambique. The ad campaign was created for the Mozambique Fashion Week in 2009. Found via Creative Roots

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The Kinetic African All Stars

The Kinetic is a full service production house specializing in Animation, visual effects and high-end print design. This is one of their latest animation piece that experiments with motion graphics…..

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Gentlemen of Bacongo

BOOKSHELF: Photographer Daniele Tamagni. The book features a subculture in the Congo where men express their creativity through their clothing.

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Luma Studios

Luma is a successful design studio in South Africa that specializes in Animation, Creature Effects, Special Effects, Gaming, Design, Motion Graphics, and Broadcast Design. Luma Studios also includes Luma Arcade,…..

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Mkuki Bgoya

Mkuki Bgoya is a Tanzanian designer and owner of Kina Klothing. Kina Klothing is an exciting East African apparel brand that is internationally recognized.

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Interview with Craig Hunter Parker

We are thrilled to introduce you to Craig Hunter Parker, perhaps one of the best visual fx designer and cinematographer in Africa. This South African designer works for Africa’s leading…..

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Interview with Anthony Dart

We had the privilege to interview Anthony Dart Founder and Creative Director of Ontwerp. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Dart has built his career on a range of digital media forms and techniques.