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Inner Cruise

Shot in Dakar Sénégal, Inner Cruise was directed by Tom Escarmelle and stylist and creative director Selly Raby Kane. The video is inspired by Selly Raby Kane’s love of fashion……

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Found via 10and5 Troublemaker is the recent released music video by Haezer. Described as an Afro-Thriller the video features South African rapper Tumi. Troublemaker’ is an Afro-Thriller set in the…..

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The African Cypher

Nominated and award winning documentary by Fly on The Wall. Synopsis Street dance in South Africa is a complex, convoluted underworld; that, like most sub-cultures, exists as a sum of…..

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Kenya Chords / Pogomix by Nick Bertke

Nick Bertke, aka Pogo from Perth, Australia  is one of a kind musicians whose artistry has many dimensions. Carefully taking sounds recorded on video he mixes them in a unique way to make…..

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Meet Yadi

Yadi is an Algerian artist who recently released a new album The Blow. YADi gives us a new single that is a little bit edgy, a little bit fun, and…..

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Who is Dirty Paraffin?

A short documentary on South Africa’s up and coming music duo, Dirty Paraffin. Okmalumkoolkat and Dokta SpiZee’s lyrically witty and clever primer stove music is making waves on the local…..

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Kinshasa Mboka Te [FR]

Sights, sounds and culture of Kinshasa. Found via Africa is a Country. Coproduction: Antenne A (Kinshasa), DL Multimédia (Lubumbashi), Sens Uniek Raffi Aghekian(Bruxelles) Producteur: Raffi Aghekian Réalisateur: Douglas Ntimasiemi Kinshasa 2012. Nous sommes…..

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Toya De Lazy “Heart”

Another stopmotion gem! South African Toya Delazy has risen high on the charts this past year. Released a few weeks ago, this is her latest debut, her music video Heart……

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Honey Spiders by Lung Studios

Produced for The Parlotones, this is the latest work by animators Lung Studios. The music video has great character design and awesome 3D animation mixed in with live action. A…..

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Noisettes Cover Art

Take a look at the latest cover art for the recently released Noisettes album, Contact. The Noisettes are a top selling British due that often experiment with the lead singer’s…..

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Solange: Losing You

Shot in Cape Town, South Africa, Solange’s video Losing You came out a few days ago. We couldn’t resist positng the video because it remind us so much of Gentleman…..

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A dose of some music inspiration….

No this is not a new series but sometimes we like to pepper in some music videos here and there. Catch some of these recent videos from musicians in Africa……

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Death Metal Angola

Death Metal Angola is an upcoming documentary directed by Jeremy Xido. The film takes a look at the development of a rock subculture in Angola. Director : Jeremy Xido /…..

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Stocktown visits Nairobi

It’s been an awesome chance for us this year to meet some of our beloved online friends from Stocktown the online culture video site. Directors, Teddy Goitom and Benjamin Taft spent their time in Nairobi…..