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National Gallery of Zimbabwe

To explore and express the essence of Zimbabwean identity through the visual arts.To promote talent, creativity and visual heritage through local and internal Platforms. The National Gallery has set itself…..

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Colonial Bastard Typeface

A graphic design project by Zimbabwean born illustrator and graphic designer Osmond Tshuma. The Colonial Bastard Rhodes typeface is a post-colonial critique of both Cecil John Rhodes and the impact…..

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On Photography: Juan Orrantia capturing Guinea-Bissau

In an Interview with Africa’s A Country, Photographer Juan Orrantia discusses his latest project Holding (on to) Amilcar, experiences in Guinea-Bissau, creative process and photojournalistic approach… I started out photographing…..

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Saki Mafundikwa

“My family always knew me as an artist, so to them it’s always been like, “God gave him the gift. We do not understand completely what he does, but he’s…..

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The rebirth of an industry in Zimbabwe

I started this post and restarted it a number of times. it is a little daunting to write about what I consider to be a rebirth of an industry, especially…..

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Trip Infographics

Infographics by Jeff Tyser and Kerryn-lee Maggs. 7 countries. 150 days. 22 500 kms.

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Kudzani Chiuari: Conflict Resolution

The renowned activist and artist, Kudzani Chiurai, recently showed a collection of posters titled ‘Conflict Resolution’. The posters show, very powerfully, the issues of conflict and violence, as well as the…..

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State of the Nation

In case you missed it, mixed-media artist Kudzanai Chiurai opened a new exhibition. In award-winning artist Kudzanai Chiurai’s State of the Nation, the notion of ‘state’ is explored as a…..

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Saki Mafundikwa

If you are discussing typography in Africa then you will come across Saki Mafundikwa. Saki Mafundikwa is a Zimbabwean graphic artist that has influenced typography and graphic design all around the world. Educated with a Masters of Fine Art at Yale and a BA in Telecommunications and Fine Arts at Indiana University, he left the United States to return to Zimbabwe to found the first school of graphic design and new media.