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Diamonds aren’t forever

Diamonds aren’t forever is the latest project by South African photographer Dillon Marsh. Marsh captures affects of the diamond industry in parts of South Africa and Namibia.   Declining yields…..

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Trip Infographics

Infographics by Jeff Tyser and Kerryn-lee Maggs. 7 countries. 150 days. 22 500 kms.

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Desert Ghost Town

Documentary style of monotone fine art photographs of Namibian desert scenery by Karin De Winter.

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Hot. Hell yeah it is! Hot is a photo series by renowned South African photographer Alexa Singer. Shot in the Namibian desert, Hot features the sizzling Sudanese model Akuol De…..

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Brilliant photo series by Jim Naughten, Heroes.  Each image, a portrait of Herero tribe members of Namibia, reveals a material culture that harkens the region’s tumultuous past: residents wear Victorian era dresses…..

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African Portraits by Mario Gerth

Beautiful and dynamic portraits by German photographer Mario Gerth. Beautiful is an understatement in this case, Mario’s subjects span from different regions across Africa, from countries such as Namibia, Niger,…..

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African Arenas

BOOKSHELF – Emotional photographs convey Africa’s passion for soccer. The enthusiasm and passion with which soccer is played in Africa are inevitably transferred to the onlooker.