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Contos Populares Angolanos

This second book of a collection published by Edições Novembro is a traditional Angolan tales collected or re-interpreted by the author Seke Ia Bindo, published in “Jornal de Angola”, with…..

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Designed to represent the fact that the brand is 100% Angolan, this branding and identity campaign was designed Hugo Suissas. The project was designed to appeal to the younger, patriotic…..

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Street Etiquette: Luanda, Angola

A few months ago we got a preview of the journey, fashion and style bloggers Street Etiquette, took to Luanda Angola. What’s there not to love? Be careful you can…..

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Take a look at package design for Mandambela, an Angola rapper. The packaging produced by packaging designer Mark aimed to reflect the rappers culture, style and Angolan background. We love…..

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Death Metal Angola

Death Metal Angola is an upcoming documentary directed by Jeremy Xido. The film takes a look at the development of a rock subculture in Angola. Director : Jeremy Xido /…..

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Vila Rubra is a branding project by Susana Antão. The project was an exercise to design an identity for a new Angolan city near Luanda. The brief asked for the…..

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Urban Africa

Urban Africa is a popular Flickr group that showcases growing urban life in various African cities. There is a tendency to portray African landscape as bare and the focus is…..

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Honour your City : CitID Posters

A submissions project titled CitID: Honour your City is ambitious in seeking designers world wide and inviting them to submit a design or logo for their city. The designs aim…..