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Moroccan Brides

Regal photographs of Moroccan brides by French photographer Valerie Belin. She skillfully uses the simplicity and arresting contrast of a black and white filter to highlight the intricate, elaborate and…..

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ART_C in Addis

“When you have a dream, there are no boundaries, you have to do everything to achieve it.” Moroccan/Isreali designer Artsi Ifrach attended Ethiopian Fashion Week 2013 where he collaborated with…..

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Ng’endo Mukii, Animator & Filmmaker

“I do sometimes feel that there is an expectation that, as an African director, I must focus on certain social issues deemed as ‘African’, and that other content beyond this scope is…..

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Mother of George

Trailer of the long awaited drama directed by Andrew Dosunmu, about a West African immigrant living in Brooklyn. The film tells the story of a newly-married Nigerian couple in Brooklyn…..

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Saki Mafundikwa

“My family always knew me as an artist, so to them it’s always been like, “God gave him the gift. We do not understand completely what he does, but he’s…..

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Exhibition: Archival Impulse

Contributor: Elizabeth Chege Archival Impulse by Ayana V. Jackson 29th August – 7th October 2013, The much anticipated new exhibition by American artist Ayana Jackson will be opening on August…..

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Michael Tsegaye, Photographer

“There is a certain expectation when you are called an African artist or an African photographer; it puts you in a kind of box. So for me I’m here, I’m…..

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NYT: What Remains

Visiting the town of Gulu in northern Uganda, the Italian photographer Martina Bacigalupo happened upon discarded portraits with the subjects’ faces removed…

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Political Corruption by Ahmed Ebrahim

Ahmed Ebrahim, a graphic designer from Cairo, Egypt recently completed a project for Amnesty International. These series of poster are a commentary on political corruption in Egypt.  

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Animated GIFs Egyptian Bloody Revolution

In a series of animated gif’s Selman HOŞGÖR addresses political injustice in Egypt. Selman’s  illustrated gif’s are themed Bloody Revolution – Can not Speak.  

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Solid State

Brand new project by South African graphic designer Aldo Puella. Puella is a digital and interactive designer who experiments with photography, digital sculpture, architecture, online media and motion graphics.

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Train of Eastern Madagascar

Photographer Pierre-Yves Babelon captures life along the railways of Madagascar. The railway line connecting Fianarantsoa to the East Coast was inaugurated in 1936. The records speak of eight million cubic…..

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WeBuilt: Africa

WeBuilt: Africa is a project founded by Ada Umeofia, that focuses on using design solutions to solve problems in Africa. WeBuilt: Africa hopes to implement change in Africa with contemporary design and architectureby redesigning…..

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Signatures: Gyimah Gariba

In the very first episode of “SIGNATURES”, animator and illustrator Gyimah Gariba speaks on his early influences, inspirations and aspirations. Having recently earned his Bachelor’s degree in Animation from Sheridan…..