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Mpho Mokgadi

24 year old South African photographer Mpho Mokgadi photographs capture simple moments. Mokgadi is currently based in Pretoria. “Through my photography I seek to document my own personal experience, to…..

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John Hinde’s Nigerian artists

Contributor: Muse Origins John Hinde was a photographer that, even after his death, is well known for his postcards. He travelled the world and took beautiful shots of the lives of ordinary people,…..

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Recent project by South African illustrator Thabo Mbuyisa. An impression of a traditional healer also known as “Inyanga” in the Zulu language. Portrayed here sporting an elaborate hat made out…..

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Legio Maria

Contributor: Elizabeth Chege Legio Maria (Latin for ‘Legion of Mary’), is a series of photographs by Andre Epstein. This set of photographs portrays the followers of a Legio Maria church located in Kibera slum,…..

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Maternity in Cameroon

Photo essay by photographer Gabriele Galimberti. Galimberti’s essay discusses the conditions mothers, children and health workers face in Cameroon. For the full essay check it out here. Cameroon has an…..

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Seychelles: Portraits by Jenson

Contributor: Muse Origins Barbara Jenson settled in Seychelles with her family in 1984 and has since thrived in the art world. She opened up her studio and gallery and has become…..

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Nigerian Nostalgia Project

In Case You Missed It. We love this project! Started a while back, the Nigerian Nostalgia Project has now become a successful archive and digital community project of photography that…..

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Boumerdes: Before and After

Here is a project by Algerian photographer Razine Mebarki. The project captures life in his hometown in Boumerdas, Algeria combining old and new photographs.  

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Cleaning Beaches through Art

Take a look at a great art recycling project. Ocean Sole is a kenyan organization that uses slippers that wash up on the beaches of Kenya to create toys and…..

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South African Underwater Photographer: Ilse Moore

Found via 10and5 World renowned for her underwater photography, Ilse Moore photography captivates audiences around the world. Moore is attracted to the world being underwater creates because it allows her…..

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Yoruba African Orishas

Contributor: Muse Origins Orishas are the Yoruba gods of practically evreything. There is one for almost every situation or state of being that you can think of, from the obscure to…..

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Afronauts on Ipad & iphone

Last year we featured a very popular project by Christina de Middel, Afronauts. We are pleased to announce their launch of the interactive iPhone and iPad app. Cristina De Middel…..

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At the Heart of Me

At The Heart of Me, The logbook of a joyful dreamer is a best selling new book by Ivory Coast photographer Paul Sika. The book features his electric photography. There…..

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My Mother’s Songs

Language: Swahili with English subtitles. My Mother’s Songs, is set in an African landscape that examines inter-generational trauma. The film depicts a collection of traumatic experiences through the eyes of…..