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Solid State

Brand new project by South African graphic designer Aldo Puella. Puella is a digital and interactive designer who experiments with photography, digital sculpture, architecture, online media and motion graphics.

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Train of Eastern Madagascar

Photographer Pierre-Yves Babelon captures life along the railways of Madagascar. The railway line connecting Fianarantsoa to the East Coast was inaugurated in 1936. The records speak of eight million cubic…..

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WeBuilt: Africa

WeBuilt: Africa is a project founded by Ada Umeofia, that focuses on using design solutions to solve problems in Africa. WeBuilt: Africa hopes to implement change in Africa with contemporary design and architectureby redesigning…..

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Signatures: Gyimah Gariba

In the very first episode of “SIGNATURES”, animator and illustrator Gyimah Gariba speaks on his early influences, inspirations and aspirations. Having recently earned his Bachelor’s degree in Animation from Sheridan…..

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Mali by Night

Voyage Au Mali. Street photography of the streets of Mali by photographer Guillaume Renier. One month in Mali, Africa. One bag, one camera, two shoes and millions of feelings. No…..

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Mozambique Fashion Week

Each year Mozambique Fashion Week does a fantastic job with their identity for Mozambique Fashion Week. Last year was not any different and we can’t believe we didn’t feature this…..

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Feature Artist: Maisa Chaves

This week we are proud to feature the work of Maisa Chaves. Chaves is an illustrator based in Maputo, Mozambique. She received a BA in Fine Art from the University…..

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Beyond a Craft: A Story of Resilience & Triumph

Contributor: Ciné Kenya Beyond A Craft is inspired by a true story. Join Pedro from Ecuador as he seeks to provide for his daughter Maria while overcoming great struggles and hardship. Will…..

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Wahran, Algeria

Algerian photographer Ramzy Bensaadi captures the streets of Wahran Algeria.

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Kiripi Katembo

Congelese artist Kiripi Katembo begun his career as a painter before moving to what he is mostly known for, photography and film. In 2008 he created his first film with…..

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Wooden Iphone case by Karo Akpokiere

We have always loved the work of Nigerian graphic designer Karo Akpokiere. He was recently commissioned to design an iPhone case for the World Wildlife Fund. Love Through Design in…..

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On Politics by Soi

Contributor: Muse Origins To me, the strongest and most inspiring artwork are those that tell the real truth. Artists that speak up through their works about the facts of their society…..

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I Am Africa

African typeface by Nigerian Studio Insfire Studio.

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Shooting in Eastern Africa

Unfortunately many tourists who visit the Eastern African countries never really get in touch with an average local family. Most tourists get picked up at the airport, stay and eat…..

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The Hustle

Fashion photography project by Nigerian art director Daniel Emeka and photographer Timmy Davies. The City of Lagos, the city of hustlers. It’s said if you can survive here you can…..