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Sudan to Melbourne

Twenty-two year old Melbournian Gina Nero takes us on a photographical journey within the rapidly growing Sudanese community. Recently travelling to the United States, Nero embarked on an adventure off…..

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Cinema in Sudan

Film screening part of the ongoing Film Africa Festival in London, November 1-11. SCREENING: SUN, 11 NOVEMBER 2012, 11:30AM VENUE: HACKNEY PICTUREHOUSE Followed by a Q&A with Frédérique Cifuentes Frédérique…..

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Lost in the Sahel

The Sahel desert covers a large portion of northern Africa spreading from the Northern part of Senegal all the way to Eritrea. This photo essay was created by photographer Pascal…..

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Everywhere in Chains

Everyone in Chains is an incredible graphic design series of posters by Jonathan Schubert.  The poster series is inspired by the quote “Man is born free and everywhere he is…..

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Refacing Africa

Titled the Women Project, this ambitious project created by French digital artist JR, is changing the face of several African countries. The idea behind the project comes from JR’s desire…..