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Living Small: A Road Trip through Morocco

Tilt-shift photography is a popular and creative way where the camera is manipulated to make real sized objects or landscapes appear miniature in scale. Photographer Konstantinos Pappas on a road trip through…..

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Tunisia Morocco Architecture Inspiration

Architecture photographer by Nic AzAryAn. Inspired by flat shapes Nic showcases various buildings and photography of the streets and buildings of Tunisia and Morocco. So much more goodness here. 

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Bruno Barbey,

Bruno Barbey is a French photographer born in Morocco in 1941. Well known for being a member of Magnum Photo, Barbey photographed across the five continents and was often commissioned…..

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The Maghreb

Breathtaking cinemtography of Morocco by Enrique Pacheco. Morocco is a country that awakens in the photographer a desire for adventure. From the green mountains of the northern Rif to the…..

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Moroccan Brides

Regal photographs of Moroccan brides by French photographer Valerie Belin. She skillfully uses the simplicity and arresting contrast of a black and white filter to highlight the intricate, elaborate and…..

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ART_C in Addis

“When you have a dream, there are no boundaries, you have to do everything to achieve it.” Moroccan/Isreali designer Artsi Ifrach attended Ethiopian Fashion Week 2013 where he collaborated with…..

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Owain Rich for BBC’s – Africa Beats

Showcasing Africa’s musical talent, Africa Beats is a new series from the BBC documenting muscian’s from the continent and having candid conversations with them. This series is produced by videographer…..

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Google Doodles on African Countries

This mornings Google doodle got me thinking about more doodles on Africa. There aren’t too many out there – but here are the selected favorites : Howard Carter 110th Anniversary…..

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The Arab Spring

The Arab Spring is a motion graphics project by Marxº, a visual interpretation of the events that took place throughout North Africa and the middle east. “While not setting out…..

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Morocco in Pink

A collection of photos of pink buildings and landscapes in Morocco by award winning photographer Drew Echberg.

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Urban Africa

Urban Africa is a popular Flickr group that showcases growing urban life in various African cities. There is a tendency to portray African landscape as bare and the focus is…..

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11:23 is a visual delight, an interesting look into the streets of Morocco. Created by Igor Corzh this experimentation using animated GIF’s is a captivating exploration on how photography can…..