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Townhouse Gallery

Cairo, Egypt About Townhouse was established in downtown Cairo in 1998 as an independent, non-profit art space with a goal of making contemporary art and culture accessible to all without…..

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Past Perfect: Exploring Museums of Egypt

Photo series by photographer Jason Larkin explores spaces that preserve the past in Egypt. This series focuses on the museums of Egypt and the different styles used in curating and…..

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Egypt: Black and White Photography

We previously featured the photography of Francesco Catalano on his journey through Tigray, Ethiopia. This time Catalano travels through Egypt capturing landscapes and people of Egypt. Check out the rest…..

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Interview Sherin Guirguis

Egyptian born, US-raised artist Sherin Guirguis’ geometrically patterned paintings and sculptures reflect the Mashrabiya. She talks to Nosmot Gbadamosi about using it as a way to examine the interplay between…..

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Digital Paintings by FaTma WaGdi

Fatma Wagdi is a digital painter and artist from Cairo, Egypt. We love her quirky digital portraits and you can most certainly see her personality shine through her digital paintings……

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Egyptian Interactive Art: Augmented Reality

I had the pleasure of meeting Egyptian multimedia artist Sameh Al Tawil at the A Maze Johannesburg Festival. Sameh has been showcasing his interactive art project, Augmented Reality around the…..

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Political Corruption by Ahmed Ebrahim

Ahmed Ebrahim, a graphic designer from Cairo, Egypt recently completed a project for Amnesty International. These series of poster are a commentary on political corruption in Egypt.  

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Animated GIFs Egyptian Bloody Revolution

In a series of animated gif’s Selman HOŞGÖR addresses political injustice in Egypt. Selman’s  illustrated gif’s are themed Bloody Revolution – Can not Speak.  

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Feature Artist: Adel El Siwi

Some contemporary art inspiration by renowned Egyptian artist Adel El Siwi. El Siwi is recognized around the world for his artwork that speak to the political and social climate of…..

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Feature Artist: Mariam Ibrahim

Mariam Ibrahim is an illustrator and graphic designer from Cairo, Egypt. ” I’m very passionate about art. Rendering thoughts into creative solutions come natural to me.I’ve been sketching and doing…..

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T-Rex Sculpture

Take a look at the T-Rex Sculpture by egyptian art director, character designer and exhibition designer, Abed Marzouk.