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Fair Trade Africa

Photographer Darran Rees, travels through Central and Eastern Africa capturing the lives of workers of Fair Trade organizations in Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and DRC. “The motion portraits represent transience and…..

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Sightings of the Sacred Cattle: Daniel Naudé

South African photographer Daniel Naudé examines the relationship that cattles have in societies in Uganda and Madagascar. Current Exhibition at the Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town, 10 April -24 May 2014. The gallery…..

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Kuchus in Uganda: Double Lives

This photo essay by Daniella Zalcman portrays the dangerous lives of the LGBT community in Uganda. These double-exposure portraits feature some of the most visible members of the LGBT rights…..

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NYT: What Remains

Visiting the town of Gulu in northern Uganda, the Italian photographer Martina Bacigalupo happened upon discarded portraits with the subjects’ faces removed…

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God Loves Uganda

Controversial film selected for Sundance film festival 2013. The feature length documentary God Loves Uganda is a powerful exploration of the evangelical campaign to change African culture with values imported…..

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Owain Rich for BBC’s – Africa Beats

Showcasing Africa’s musical talent, Africa Beats is a new series from the BBC documenting muscian’s from the continent and having candid conversations with them. This series is produced by videographer…..

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Google Doodles on African Countries

This mornings Google doodle got me thinking about more doodles on Africa. There aren’t too many out there – but here are the selected favorites : Howard Carter 110th Anniversary…..

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Journey through Southern and Eastern Africa

Photographer Dillon Marsh chronicles his journey through Southern and Eastern Africa. Marsh travelled from Nairobi to Cape Town over the course of two months using only public transportation. An Umbrella…..

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Uganda: Leslie Alsheimer

Leslie Alsheimer is most known for her book Black and White in Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop Lightroom. She is also an internationally award winning photographer. Recognized for her work…..

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The Stranded Nomands of Karamoja

The Stranded Nomads of Karamoja is a photo essay taken in Uganda  by photographer Jonathan Hyams. The Northeastern plains of Uganda are home to the stranded nomads of Karamoja; semi-pastoralist…..

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Honour your City : CitID Posters

A submissions project titled CitID: Honour your City is ambitious in seeking designers world wide and inviting them to submit a design or logo for their city. The designs aim…..

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Ugandan Print Design for OSIEA

For your inspiration this is a design example of a Ugandan initiative. Executed by Creative Director, Assegid Gessesse and Art Director, Chris Cogswell this is an example of humanitarian design…..

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Bouncing Cats

Trailer of Documentary Film Bouncing Cats Directed by Nabil Elderkin Synopsis UGANDA has been called one of the worst places on earth to be a child. In the South, children…..

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TMS Ruge

TMS Ruge works as a professional photographer and graphic designer. His portfolio showcases his various  clients including the Dallas Cowboys, Haynes & Boone law firm, and MW Logistics. He is also the official photographer for the Entrepreneurs Foundation of North Texas.