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Fair Trade Africa

Photographer Darran Rees, travels through Central and Eastern Africa capturing the lives of workers of Fair Trade organizations in Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and DRC. “The motion portraits represent transience and…..

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Pointilism by Beth Kimwele

Beth Kimwele is a Kenyan artists that works mostly in oil and canvas. She graduated from Kenyatta University in 1989 where she specialized in graphics and paintings and developed her…..

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Kuona Trust

Kenya Founded in 1995, Kuona Trust has been recognized for facilitating numerous amount of creative platforms in East Africa. About Kuona was established in 1995 and has been in the…..

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Beatrice Wanjiku

Beatrice Wanjiku is a visual artist from Kenya. She is one of Kenya’s most upcoming contemporary artist. Recognized for her emotional paintings her work is appreciated worldwide. The paintings challenge…..

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3D Kenyan Parliament

3D claymation renders of the Kenyan Parliament building by Kenyan digital artist Bushido Brian.

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Wanuri Kahiu

“What’s been really great is that the majority of the filmmakers coming from Kenya are women. So, that’s broken all those barriers of “What’s it like to be a woman…..

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Ng’endo Mukii, Animator & Filmmaker

“I do sometimes feel that there is an expectation that, as an African director, I must focus on certain social issues deemed as ‘African’, and that other content beyond this scope is…..

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Beyond a Craft: A Story of Resilience & Triumph

Contributor: Ciné Kenya Beyond A Craft is inspired by a true story. Join Pedro from Ecuador as he seeks to provide for his daughter Maria while overcoming great struggles and hardship. Will…..

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On Politics by Soi

Contributor: Muse Origins To me, the strongest and most inspiring artwork are those that tell the real truth. Artists that speak up through their works about the facts of their society…..

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Kenya Currency Redesigned

Graphic designer Crystal Brown redesigned the Kenyan currency. For my undergraduate Graphic Design class as an assignment we had to re-design the currency of our choice. I decided to re-design…..