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Francis Mpuya: Conglolese Contempary Artist

Francis Mampuya was born in 1967 in Kinshasa, DRC. He studied Fine Art and with two friends, he founded the group “libristes.” His artistic style features semi-figurative and abstract faces……

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I Am Walé Respect Me

Patrick Willocq is a self taught photographer who lived and worked in  the Democratic Republic of  Congo for over 7 years. Willocq’s describes his latest art project I Am Walé Respect…..

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Kiripi Katembo

Congelese artist Kiripi Katembo begun his career as a painter before moving to what he is mostly known for, photography and film. In 2008 he created his first film with…..

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Richard Mosse: The Impossible Image

We have previously featured Richard Mosse and his photography work in the Congo. Here is more from him as he reveals the stories behind the making of his latest film, ‘The…..

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The New African Photography

Premiering 22 April 2013 on Al Jazeera English on Artscape, The New African Photography looks at this fast-changing continent through the eyes of its most acute observers: its photographers. Few regions remain as photographically…..

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Kinshasa Mboka Te [FR]

Sights, sounds and culture of Kinshasa. Found via Africa is a Country. Coproduction: Antenne A (Kinshasa), DL Multimédia (Lubumbashi), Sens Uniek Raffi Aghekian(Bruxelles) Producteur: Raffi Aghekian Réalisateur: Douglas Ntimasiemi Kinshasa 2012. Nous sommes…..

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War Witch

War witch is a Canadian film writeen and directed by Kim Nguyen. The film stars Rachel Mwanza, in her first role. Somewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa, Komona a 14-year-old girl tells…..

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A chukadu is a traditional eastern Congo wooden bicycle. Chukadus are often seen transporting goods and people up and down the hills of the Congo. Photographer Abby Ross captures these…..

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White Elephants

White Elephants, (nzoku ya pembe) is an upcoming documentary on the  Central Post-Office and its employees in Kinshasa, DR Congo. [box]This grandiose relic of the colonial past has trapped its employees…..

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Everywhere in Chains

Everyone in Chains is an incredible graphic design series of posters by Jonathan Schubert.  The poster series is inspired by the quote “Man is born free and everywhere he is…..

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Rangers of Virunga

The Rangers of Virunga is a photo essay by world renowed photographer Brent Stirton taken in Congo. This magnificent photo doc is a microcosm of what is going on throughout the continent……

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Congolese Wrestling

You may have heard and seen Senegalese wrestlers, but take a look at these dynamic images of Congolese wrestlers by photographer Colin Delfosse. The photography throws you into the spirit of the matches. Enjoy.

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Baudoin Mouanda

For those out in London this month, Congolese Photographer Baudouin Mouanda’s first UK solo exhibition takes place at South London’s Gasworks until September. Mouanda’s images capture the everyday lives of Congolese Sapeurs, and explores the impact that Western or international culture has had on Congo’s urban subcultures.

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The Baptism of Liberty by Falling Whistles [Video]

An LA (Los Angeles) based Organisation “Falling Whistles” has been campaigning for peace and rehabilitation of child solders in The Democratic Republic of Congo. Their new campaign “The Baptism of Liberty” gives attention to Congo which is having a historic election.