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    Statues Also Die

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    Collage by Nkiruka

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    Pointilism by Beth Kimwele


19 April 2011

The Baptism of Liberty by Falling Whistles [Video]

An LA (Los Angeles) based Organisation “Falling Whistles” has been campaigning for peace and rehabilitation of  child solders in The Democratic Republic of Congo. Their new campaign “The Baptism of Liberty” gives attention to Congo which is having a historic election. Ensuring that this election is free and fair will be crucial towards peace for the people of this conflict-torn region. The video asks viewers to get involved and sign the petition for a Special Envoy to ensure Free and Fair Elections. Since Congo’s Independence in the 1960′s they held only had 2 legitimate elections. “The Baptism of Liberty”  is a strong visual narrative pushing beyond great design and strong concept, it’s a great emotional piece that urges us to get involved in a campaign for the peace of Congo!

About Barbara

Originally from Nairobi, Barbara Muriungi is a motion designer & animator. After a brief stint working as a sound tech and producing roles in TV and radio, Barbara realised her passion for design and pursued her studies in Motion Graphics and Visual Effects. In between working clients like HBO, Nat Geo, Disney, Fuse, she works on collaborative projects and continues her interests in photography, illustration and travel.